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School Events

  • 2017 Maga’håga and Maga’låhi Fund-drive Fundraiser

    In observance of “Mes Chamoru” (Chamorro Month), Daniel L. Perez Elementary School- PTO will be sponsoring its 2nd Annual “Maga’håga (Queen) – Maga’låhi (King)” Fund-Drive. The deadline to submit “2017 Maga’håga- Maga’låhi Royal Court” fund-drive participation forms has been extended to Monday February 06, 2017. Please submit permission forms to your child’s home room teacher […]


Month: September 2015

5th Grade Parent Meeting

There will be a 5th Grade Parent Meeting on Wednesday, September 23, 2015, at 6 PM in Room 4 to discuss the 5th Grade Promotional Ceremony, fundraising, and end-of-the-year activities. If you have a child in the 5th grade, your attendance and support at this meeting is highly encouraged. Thank you.

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