Daniel L. Perez Elementary School

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School Events

  • 2017 Maga’håga and Maga’låhi Fund-drive Fundraiser

    In observance of “Mes Chamoru” (Chamorro Month), Daniel L. Perez Elementary School- PTO will be sponsoring its 2nd Annual “Maga’håga (Queen) – Maga’låhi (King)” Fund-Drive. The deadline to submit “2017 Maga’håga- Maga’låhi Royal Court” fund-drive participation forms has been extended to Monday February 06, 2017. Please submit permission forms to your child’s home room teacher […]


About Us

Guam Department of Education’s Vision Statement

Our Educational Community Prepares All Students for Life Promotes Excellence, and Provides Support!

Our School Mission

Daniel L. Perez Elementary School is committed to providing all students with a safe, dynamic and nurturing environment that prepares them to be productive, innovative, and global-minded citizens.

Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

All students at Daniel L. Perez Elementary School will thrive in their 21st Century World:
Focused and Driven
Actively Engaged
Network Oriented
Innovatively Productive
Having Respect
Interdependently Connected


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