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School Events

  • 2017 Maga’håga and Maga’låhi Fund-drive Fundraiser

    In observance of “Mes Chamoru” (Chamorro Month), Daniel L. Perez Elementary School- PTO will be sponsoring its 2nd Annual “Maga’håga (Queen) – Maga’låhi (King)” Fund-Drive. The deadline to submit “2017 Maga’håga- Maga’låhi Royal Court” fund-drive participation forms has been extended to Monday February 06, 2017. Please submit permission forms to your child’s home room teacher […]


Uniform Policy

The following is required:

Collared Shirt – Green with DLP logo
Pants/Knee high shorts – Black/dark colored
Shoes – Tennis or shoes covering the entire foot (no slippers/zories)

D.L. Perez uniforms may be purchased at Gino’s in the Hagatna Shopping Center.

Appropriate School Attire Dress Code (Board Policy 401)

In keeping with the GDOE’s Vision Statement of Preparing all students for life, promoting excellence and providing support and Board Policy 300, the Board recognizes that school uniforms enhance the learning environment by:

    Improving student behavior
    Promoting appropriate attire
    Promoting unity and pride
    Promoting safety and security of all personnel
    Minimizing and or eliminate any socio-economic distinction
    Promoting an environment free of harassment.

Wearing the same school uniform minimizes any distinction amongst our students, helps to deter bullying, and provides identification of our students on and off-campus as a safety measure. Students must wear their uniforms from Monday through Thursday. On Fridays students may dress out of uniform provided the attire is appropriate for school and is not distracting or hazardous to themselves or others in the course of school activities. In such incidences, students shall be required to make the necessary changes as the principal or designee may deem necessary to maintain social standards appropriate to a proper learning atmosphere. While jewelry is attractive, it is discouraged as part of school attire because of the risks involved, especially injury. Students are not permitted to wear sunglasses indoors (unless medically required), tattoos, or other objects that contain offensive wording, obscene drug, alcohol, or gang related symbols or logos. Any type of clothing or accessories that may be related to a group or gang which may provoke others to violence or to be intimidated by fear of violence is prohibited. Such items may be confiscated to ensure the safety of all students.

Appropriate Foot Wear

Students must wear shoes (closed footwear) daily. No open toe slippers (zorries or sandals) are to be worn unless approved by the administration during special programs or activities or if a doctor or parent note indicates the student has a foot injury. Roller shoes (heelies) are prohibited on campus.


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